Tokyo Healthcare University

Wakayama Postgraduate School of Nursing

Japanese Red Cross Wakayama Medical Center Campus

Focusing primarily on the development of working adults, the Wakayama Postgraduate School of Nursing trains students to maintain community-based integrated care in Wakayama

Message from the Dean

Wakayama Postgraduate School of Nursing

Taeko Yashima

Tomoko Kusama

Society is undergoing rapid change due to the aging population and globalization, and with those changes the structures of healthcare, public health, and welfare are changing as well. People's value systems are diversifying in this changing society, and you can likely feel those changes as you interact with patients in the course of your work as a nurse.
As nursing education has rapidly become more sophisticated, there are now more opportunities for practicing nurses to study at the graduate level. The practical knowledge you have amassed in your work is in high demand.
The Wakayama Postgraduate School of Nursing aims to provide support for the process by which better nurses are made, helping to unravel and explain phenomena that you may have noticed in your everyday work as a nurse. Attending school while working and having a family requires willpower and stamina. However, we believe that by transforming your practical knowledge into theory through the learning process, we can help people live healthier lives. Please take the first step towards furthering your education.

Master’s programs

We cultivate highly trained professionals who can serve as key players in team care with their rich interpersonal skills and broad perspective, working together with a wide range of staff at organizations involved in advanced specialized medical care and local community healthcare. Our nurses provide community-based integrated care with a high sense of ethics, practical skills backed by expert knowledge and technical ability, as well as management and leadership skills.

Maximum enrollment: 12
Term of study: Two years