Tokyo Healthcare University

Faculty of Healthcare

The Faculty of Healthcare focuses on clinical practice in order to give graduates the comprehensive professional knowledge and skills they need to contribute to next-generation healthcare teams.

Division of Nursing

We work closely with the NTT Medical Center Tokyo and other institutions to provide nursing training that is firmly rooted in clinical experience

Division of Medical Nutrition

Training clinically-savvy registered dietitians ready to make a difference in frontline healthcare settings

Division of Healthcare Informatics

Developing professional health information specialists eager to bring innovative change to clinical settings

Collaborative healthcare demands teamwork in clinical settings

The Faculty of Healthcare seeks to transcend traditional academic division s in order to foster synergistic learning in anticipation of having graduates contribute to integrated healthcare teams. Students in all three departments are given a collaborative healthcare education. Team-based healthcare means having physicians, nurses, nutritionists, heath information managers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals maximally leverage their individual specialties—each playing a distinctive role in full collaboration with each other. This end-to-end, team-based healthcare is becoming an essential approach in clinical settings, and the Faculty of Healthcare is designed to turn out professionals able to work with those in other specialties to deliver the highest standards of team-based care.