Tokyo Healthcare University

Postgraduate School of Nursing

National Hospital Organization Campus

Training healthcare professionals ready to make a wide-ranging impact on improving the quality of medical, health, and social services

Message from the Dean

Postgraduate School of Nursing

Hisaji Oshima

Tomoko Kusama

The Postgraduate School of Nursing offers master’s programs and a doctorate program. Our Advanced Practical Nursing, Advanced Practical Midwifery, and Advanced PracticalPublic Health Nursing master’s programs are designed to train nurses (nurse practitioners) ready to serve as key players on healthcare teams or gatekeepers in regional healthcare, midwives ready to serve as key players in sexual and reproductive health, or healthcare professionals ready to serve as key players in supporting community health, respectively. Our master’s and doctorate programs in nursing are designed to train nurse administrators, and academic researchers. Nurses are the healthcare professionals who are the most trusted and intimately involved in patient care. Join our graduate school to polish your skills and boost your career by becoming a more well-rounded professional able to independently provide preventative, treatment, and support services to a nation that increasingly faces the challenge of a graying society with fewer children.

Master’s programs

We offer four master’s programs designed to give graduates the sophisticated nursing expertise they need to support healthcare teams as well as train professionals capable of contributing to the advancement of the nursing through the pursuit of research and education.

Maximum enrollment: 30
Term of study: Two years

Doctoral program

Our doctoral program trains researchers and educators able to bring a scientific mindset to the instruction of academic and practical nursing fundamentals or be involved in graduate education, with the goal of furthering the development and advancement of the study of nursing.

Maximum enrollment: 2
Term of study: Three years