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Department of Midwifery

Giving midwives the sophisticated perinatal expertise they need to work closely with physicians in supporting pregnant women both physically and mentally

The environment surrounding pregnancy and childbirth has been changing in recent years. The number of maternity clinics is decreasing, for example, as more women join the workforce and elect to have fewer children. While there have been dramatic advances in perinatal care, there is still a shortage of professionals who understand those developments and know how to apply them. More women are also interested in looking beyond hospitals to more natural experiences—namely, going through a natural childbirth at home or a midwifery birthing center.
Society needs midwives who can meet these increasingly diverse and growing demands, and this was the impetus behind the creation of the THCU Department of MidwiferyMajor in Midwifery. In this program, we develop medical professionals who can bring a high level of expertise, a sincere approach to life, and a loving heart to communities that need it—while also being passionate about contributing to the development of midwifery as a field of study.

Degree awarded
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Midwife (national certification)
Contraception specialist (national certification)

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